Skin Cancer Prevention

Skin Cancer PreventionMay is Skin Cancer awareness month. Here are some preventative tips for both you and your loved one this summer.

  • Do your best to rest in shaded areas between 10 am and 4pm, considering these are usually the times when the sun is shining it’s hardest.
  • Always pay special attention to your skin. Make sure you check your skin routinely for the greater possibility to notice any abnormalities sooner.
  • Always apply sunscreen and give it a chance to work. Freshly applied sunscreen sometimes won’t be much help. Make sure to read the directions on your sunscreen bottle before heading out to enjoy the day.
  • Make sure to cover your head, ears and neck with a sturdy hat to protect you from the suns rays and keep you cool.

Here at LifeSpring we want to know how you and your loved one stay safe during the summer. Share your tips for protecting yourself from the sun’s rays with us in the comment section!

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