Alzheimer’s Awareness – Signs to Watch for

Alzheimers AwarenessThe following are common early signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s. LifeSpring encourages you to take note of things you find out of character in your loved ones. Sometimes the slightest changes can warrant a simple check-up.

  1. Confusion with time and place is a major early sign when looking for Alzheimer’s. Pay attention if your loved one is unusually disoriented and has a hard time remembering dates or where they are.
  2. Another symptom is a change in mood. If you notice sudden depression or a lack of interest in activities your loved one once enjoyed, be sure to take note of it.
  3. If you see your loved one having trouble with daily tasks they used to find simple, don’t ignore it. Anything from missing an ingredient in their favorite dish, to missing their turn on their way home could be a cause for concern.
  4. Another sign could be losing items as simple as their keys and not being able to retrace their steps to find them.
  5. If your loved one has trouble remembering conversations, you should take count of these instances and their severity.

Remember, if any of these signs are present in your loved one, don’t hesitate to contact their physician.

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