A Word from Our Chaplain

Word From Our ChaplainIs your life perfectly calm?

Are you perfectly content?

Do you find yourself in a peace that surpasses understanding, that will keep you safe?

How about moments of peace? Do you have them in the midst of your life’s chaos?

Maybe you don’t feel that chaos is even at play in your life. Maybe you feel well in control, on top of your game, whatever game you’re playing.

Or, maybe you don’t think about any of this. Maybe chaos, order, peace, calm, and contentment are not referents in your grander scheme of life.

Or maybe you don’t care.

Whatever it is for you, it’s likely that chaos is somehow running, at least in the background, like a vexing computer program that is burdening your computer’s ability to function optimally because it’s dragging down its performance by “running in the background,” by being on or open but not in an obvious way.

That’s what chaos does. It cleverly runs in the background of our lives when it’s not running amok in our foregrounds. It’s a dynamic that’s ever present, whether we recognize it or not, whether we choose to call it that or not. It’s real, and its nature is to take whatever structures are present and discombobulate them, disassemble them, even destroy them.

It happens. To all of us. But then the key becomes how we respond.

One of the thousand parts of the Bible that is my favorite is the opening scene. It begins as chaos, a “formless void” of deep darkness. But “a wind from God swept over the face of the waters,” an energy that, out of the chaos, began to create.

Now, whether you believe that God created in 24-hour days or not is irrelevant at this point. The point is that as God went along God was building up the inertia that proclaimed days as “good,” days (and nights) that birthed light and life, beauty and wonder, variety and tomorrows, joy and hope. Hope that todays become tomorrows, darkness is enshrouded in light, life becomes abundant, and humankind—you and me—get to be responsible for all of it.

That might sound like a burden. Yikes!

Or, maybe that sounds like a gift. Yay!

Either way, every bit of chaos contains within it the means to create, to make something that ultimately can be called good, which will be a joy and a blessing.

That’s how it began.

Now, according to you, how will it end?

May it go “good” for you…Amen.

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