A Word from Our Chaplain

Word From Our ChaplainDid you hear the latest about the ice in Antarctica? A chunk the size of Delaware (it’s a small state, but just imagine a rock the size of a small state!) broke off from what’s called the Larsen C Ice Shelf. It’s 2,240 square miles in size, and experts say it probably weighs more than a trillion (1,000,000,000,000!) tons! It’s been a process—called calving, wherein ice shelves naturally shed accumulating weight—in the works for decades, one known to researchers since the ’60’s, so it’s no surprise that this iceberg finally broke off. And since it was already afloat in the sea, it will not contribute to a rise in sea level.

However, what you see, as massive as it is, doesn’t compare to what you don’t see. You’ve probably heard that an iceberg’s mass above the waterline is only about ten percent of its total mass, which means 90% of the berg’s size is out of sight, going deeper and wider than likely any of us can imagine. That’s daunting because it’s hard to appreciate something so spectacular as this natural phenomenon, which is really a thing of beauty when you pause to think on and behold it with your eyes and mind’s eye.

It was like that recently for LifeSpring. We experienced a major outage of internet/email service. It affected all of us, everyone who works for LifeSpring: Norman, Pauls Valley, Shawnee, Edmond, Sayre, McAlester. That’s nearly 300 people, most of whom are out and about doing their work in the fields of Life, connected by the cords of care, which, nowadays, are threaded significantly by the weavings of technology, which, though not a natural phenomenon has become a natural fixture in our lives and is often a thing of beauty.

At LifeSpring, our technology department (IT) consists of two men who have offices but who typically are on the hunt throughout our buildings looking for connection problems, software hangups, hardware malfunctions, and so much more that most of us couldn’t possibly fathom. And the work they do is beautiful. But wait, there’s more!

We have a company that works in the background by phone or internet to constantly monitor, repair, and upgrade computers and systems and answer questions. And then there are the internet service providers and their massive organizations, the engineers, the technicians, the sales representatives, and others. All of it part of a mass that serves us, but most of which we don’t see.

The point is, there’s so much more to your life—your work, your well-being, your opportunities—than meets your eye. It’s like that for everyone, everywhere. So that, when you’re walking down the street, or through the mall, or the airport concourse, or grocery store, it’s vital that you understand there’s more to life than merely is meeting your eye, or even the full battery of your five senses.

It’s like that iceberg. Most of it is a mystery, unseen but significantly present to the point that you have to take into consideration all that you don’t see, as well as what you can notice. That’s what should keep us from assuming or judging or feeling like we know enough. We never do.

So, give a wide berth to the systems and people in your life. Not only to be cautious and forgiving, but to be breathtakingly respectful and honorable. Because, in time, your reverence for all that’s present will transcend only what you see and what you think you know.

Do you see?

How will we know?

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