Fall Prevention

Fall PreventionThe first step to preventing in-home falls is identifying the cause of the problem. Some falls are caused by weakness of the body while others may be brought on by dizziness or fatigue from prescriptions. There are plenty of causes of falls, so the best thing to do is sit down with your loved one and their doctor. Go over their medications and be sure you understand how your loved one feels physically.

Consider bedrails. Not only will bedrails keep your loved one from falling out of the bed, it gives them a more stable support when pushing themselves up into a standing position. The bedrails are an easy fix to what could be a disastrous situation.

If you’ve noticed that your loved one has fallen multiple times and you’re worried about their safety when they’re alone, consider hiring LifeSpring as your in-home care company. Our company has many options that could work for both you and your loved one. From personal service workers, who go above and beyond to make sure that your loved one’s errands are done, skilled nurses, who are prepared to handle any situation with a calm hand and sound mind, to physical therapists, who help your loved one strengthen muscles to prevent future falls. These professionals will sit with your loved one during the day, helping them get up and down with ease.

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