Keeping Weight Down as a Senior Adult

Senior WeightOne of the top New Years Resolutions is always “I want to loose weight.” Our bodies are constantly changing, so this is a constant challenge. We go through puberty, the “freshman 15”, newly married she-cooks-so-well, and multiple metabolism changes. When we enter our senior adult years, we loose significant muscle mass and become a lot more frail. Many people gain weight simply because they can’t be as active as they were when they were younger.

The following are a few tips for keeping weight down as a senior adult:

  1. Eat fewer calories. This doesn’t mean “eat less”, it just means eat more of the right things and less of the wrong. Eating foods high in nutrients will need to be a key staple in ones diet to balance out the lack of calories.
  2. Remember, everyone is different. What works for one person, won’t necessarily be a success for another. So don’t play the comparison game. Ask a doctor what a healthy weight would be, and work towards that goal.
  3. Exercise. This doesn’t have to be power lifting or marathon running. As an older adult, it is important just to move. Walk around the block, do some simple stretches, or small weight exercises, if you can.

At LifeSpring, we want to encourage everyone to live their best life and help in any way we can. Keeping a healthy weight is always difficult, but with the right support system, anyone can be successful.

If you have concerns about your weight or the weight of your older loved one, please consult your primary physician.

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