Allergy Season: Rights and Wrongs

Allergy season is here and we understand that allergies can be particularly harmful to those already struggling with certain illnesses. Here are a couple of ways to survive the allergy season:

  • If you are out and about during the day, be sure to take a shower before gathering with loved ones who suffer from severe allergies. Pollen and different kinds of allergens can stick to your clothes and hair. This makes it hard to escape their effects.
  • Try not to open your windows as much. Running the AC can cut down on the misery of allergy symptoms caused by unfiltered outside air.
  • When you buy medications, make sure they’re actually going to help with your allergy symptoms. It’s easy to get tricked into fancy wording on packages. If you’re looking for the best medication to help your symptoms, you can always ask your doctor for recommendations.
  • Keep in mind that allergies, especially when paired with another illness in your loved one, can turn bad quickly, so don’t wait around to do something about them.

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